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Jamin Syptak



Jamin Syptak is a former U.S. Army Reconnaissance Scout. While in the Army his duties included assessing, implementing and providing security for American and foreign interests, in the confines of the United States and abroad. These duties were performed in both peacetime and in combat operations. Jamin also served as a sergeant in the Texas Army National Guard. While a member of the Guard he continued to perform security related tasks as the government saw fit. He also worked full time as police officer. His duties included providing security assessments to the general public, conducting criminal investigations and a variety of other assignments. Jamin also served as a K-9 Narcotic patrol officer after studying Political Science at  Texas A&M. After leaving the police department he began working as a full time private investigator.

Licensed by Texas Department of Public Safety-Private Security Bureau as a private investigator and security consultant, Jamin also holds a current TCLEOSE license. Jamin currently has over 3500 training hours and an Advanced Peace Officer certificate. As a private investigator, Jamin has investigated thousands of cases. His extreme dedication and expertise has led to him being well known and highly respected in the investigative community.

Josh Walker
No Photograph Available


Josh spent several years in the United States Marine Corps in both infantry and security force roles. While in the Corps, Josh was selected to Presidential Support Duty (PSD) at the White House Communications Agency (WHCA). As apart of the security force at WHCA he was responsible for stateside and overseas security for assets vital to the national security for the President, Vice-President, and the National Security Council. During this time Josh was stationed in Washington D.C., but spent the majority of his time traveling worldwide with POTUS and VPOTUS.

Upon completion of presidential duty at the WHCA, Josh was transferred to Camp Pendleton, California with the First Marine Division. From there he deployed to Al Anbar Province as apart of the surge in 2007. While in Iraq Josh’s team consisted of Marines and Sailors who were responsible for apprehending numerous high level Al Qaida Iraq operatives and foreign fighters. Josh also investigated crimes against the Iraqi population which included several high profile insurgent arrests.

For the past several years Josh has focused on criminal and civil investigations in the continental United States. He brings a wealth of worldwide experience and knowledge to SIG. Due to the nature of Josh’s assignments, no photograph is available.

Nick Nevers
No Photograph Available

Nick Nevers has years of experience as an Intelligence Analyst for the United States Air Force. Over the course of his service, Nick served abroad in Germany, Colombia, Qatar, and Iraq on multiple contingency deployments.

While in Germany and Iraq, Nick was responsible for providing imminent threat advisories for USAF pilots performing air patrols, bombing runs, and surveillance missions. He is highly trained in operating and maintaining complex computer equipment vital to providing situational awareness for both pilots in the air and commanders on the ground.

During Nick’s second tour in Iraq he was assigned to the Combined Intelligence Operations Center (CIOC) in Baghdad. While on assignment, he authored numerous intelligence papers for the National Security Council and Secretary of Defense. In addition, he contributed to the National Intelligence Estimate for Iraq, and was a recognized expert on kidnapping for ransom – a key financial mechanism for the insurgency.

Nick has now taken his intelligence experience into the private investigative field. At SIG, Nick will focus complex cases with an emphasis on strategic intelligence analysis. Due to the sensitive nature of Nick's assignments, no photograph is available.

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