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Our investigators are available to conduct surveillance, either mobile or stationary. Together with our extensive experience, our surveillance specialists are highly trained in the use of the latest, state of the art, covert surveillance systems. We can provide evidence of a given individual’s activity for the purpose of challenging questionable claims. External surveillance investigations can identify fraudulent claims for workers’ compensation or disability, among others.

Pre-Employment Screening
Spearhead Investigative Group can provide you with thorough and intensive background screening of prospective employees. Through interviews with former employers and review of records, we evaluate aspects of your prospective employee’s ability, character, credit, education, employment history, and criminal records where available. The resulting information is promptly provided in a confidential written report that allows you to make the precise hiring decisions. All of these services are FCRA compliant.

Security Consulting
Security and Vulnerability Assessments can be conducted from an individual level up to and including facilities. They are based on a total picture methodology involving all aspects of the subject and/or location. They encompass but are not limited to strengths and weaknesses of current security measures, threat assessment of known, perceived, or suspect threats, threat mitigation and overall security enhancement recommendations. Also, assessments can be conducted for individuals that are required to travel to, move in or through and or reside in areas of the world that are considered to have an increased level of threat. The assessments coupled with pre-trip planning and training can mitigate the majority of threats for that area.

Civil and Criminal Investigations
The combination of our background research services, interview/interrogation techniques and highly developed ability to penetrate even the toughest of neighborhoods, allows us to obtain decisive and often vital results. Good interviews require asking the right questions. The statements we take can be recorded by video or audio only. We have taken literally thousands of statements that have helped bring cases to a desired conclusion.

Whether it is to find a potential witness or a missing person, a locate can entail a great deal of expertise and persistence. Most locates involve interviews, background investigations and many times surveillance to finally locate a subject.

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